Discovery of the Five Senses by K.N. Smith

Discovery of the Five Senses

by K.N. Smith

October 10-21, 2022 Virtual Book Tour


Discovery of the Five Senses by K.N. Smith

Welcome or unwelcome.

Fate has arrived.

A suspenseful incident in a forbidden preserve heightens the senses of five friends. Sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell become super-gifts that forever change the world. But furious battles confront the boys as they try to understand their sensory super powers in a race to save mankind. With light beings and mysterious strangers complicating their plight, can the boys defeat the evil Druth before it’s too late? Get prepared for the twisting and grinding of this award-winning, action-adventure story — an edge-of-your-seat narrative for young and mature readers alike.

Praise for Discovery of the Five Senses:

“A captivating and poetic tale of mystery, fantasy, and reality tied together by action!”

5-stars, Lars Jackson, Amazon Customer

“An energetic adventure debut with stellar action sequences. Smith’s writing is intelligent and often lyrical. Her exuberant prose never fails to dazzle.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Brilliantly crafted and written!”

Megan King, Indie Book Reviewers

“Author K.N. Smith uses her mastery of the written word to weave an entrancing, yet powerful tale of adventure that keeps you turning pages in an unquenchable desire to find out what happens next.”

Publishers Daily Reviews

Book Details:

Genre: Young Adult Action-Adventure, Young Adult Thriller, Urban Fantasy, Mystery/ Thriller
Published by: Two Petals Publishing (self-published)
Publication Date: September 29th 2015
Number of Pages: 340
ISBN: 0989474755 (ISBN13: 9780989474757)
Series: The Urban Boys Series, Book 1
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Read an excerpt:


Exhausted, Joaquin stayed there for a few minutes while the forest absorbed the intentional, malicious act. Pained moans escaped him as he stood rubbing his eyes, which were suddenly burning.

Unable to see clearly, he stumbled out of the forest, going anywhere the night would take him. His eyes burned a furious, deep red. He would remain in an agonized condition for three long days.

Terrified, Della and Juson guessed at what had just happened. Afraid to move, they had no choice but to show more patience than they had thought possible in their lifetimes. The scared couple clung to each other, wondering what new horror awaited them.

The minutes seemed like hours, but they remained still, even as a bright light swept through the preserve. The light was sharp, electric against the blanket of darkness. It brought with it a clicking noise, which drove its way into their ears with a musical rhythm.

As the light zoomed in closer to Ross, it pounced against the leaf covering the two, then went dark as the clicks faded.

As the night progressed, Della and Juson found the courage to make their move. In disbelief, they ran
home, holding a frightening secret in their hearts. A secret of murder, committed under a striking, glowing moonlight on the most fateful night of their young lives.


Excerpt from Discovery of the Five Senses by K.N. Smith. Copyright 2022 by K.N. Smith. Reproduced with permission from K.N. Smith. All rights reserved.



Author Bio:

K.N. Smith

K.N. Smith, winner of the “Best of” in the category of “Outstanding Young Adult Novel” at the Jessie Redmon Fauset Book Awards, is an author and passionate advocate of literacy and arts programs throughout the world. Her lyrical flair sweeps across pages that twist and grind through action-adventure and urban fantasy in edge-of-your-seat narratives. K.N. has over twenty-five years’ experience in communications and creative design as an award-winning consultant. Reading is still her foremost hobby. K.N. inspires people of all ages to reach their highest potential in their creative, educational, and life pursuits.

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