Downloading from Edleweiss & Others

Edelweiss is constantly changing so we’ve provided a link to the most updated page with instructions on their site. Here is the page with helpful articles and instructions for downloading and using books from Edelweiss: Edelweiss Help

Using HarperCollins eBook Codes on a Kindle Fire —

The best way we’ve found to use the HarperCollins eBook Codes us to download this app — Aldiko

Downloading and installing directly to your Kindle Fire:

(1) At the top of the Kindle Fire menu, select the Gear (settings) icon and then tap on the “More” icon;
(2) Tap on “Device”, then choose “ON” for “Allow Installation of Applications”;
(3) Open the Kindle Fire’s browser and open the below link: to download the Aldiko app;
(4) When download completes, open the notification bar on your Kindle Fire. Tap on the apk file and then tap on “Install”.

Other options can be found here: HarperCollins eBooks