Hosts are what make us what we are. Their professionalism and reliability are assets PICT cannot do without.

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We, at Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours, love our hosts. We provide you with great books, content, and giveaways and you post your reviews & thoughts about these books to help other readers find books they’re going to love.

Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours welcomes all hosts but there are some caveats!

  • You must love mystery and suspense.
  • You need to have been a blogger for at least 1 year.
  • You need to have a minimum of 500 follows. This can be a combination of blog, Goodreads, and social media followers.
  • You can NOT ever accept any form of payment for your reviews. If you receive any form of payment for reviews you may post showcases or features only — no reviews!
  • All blog posts must include LIVE links to the specified sale site of the book being toured.
  • All Reviews:
    • Should focus on: the writing, the characters, the storyline, the facts, etc.
    • Should include an introduction to the book, an outline of its contents, a highlight of a theme or event, and a detailed evaluation.
    • Should be at least 200 words and make sense. (Typo’s happen but consistent grammatical errors will cause a host to come under review.)
    • Should be positive. We DO NOT expect our hosts to enjoy every book. We do however, ask that you be respectful of the author and their willingness to ask your thoughts on their much loved offering.
    • Should NOT: make judgment calls about the author, their faith, their intelligence, etc.
    • Should NOT: include a summary of the book, give away significant details or plot twists, in any way ruin the enjoyment of the book for others.
  • PICT understands that there are times you will be unable to post as promised. Life happens and we don’t love every book, however, we need you to tell us before your post date if you will not be posting when or what you’ve agreed to post.


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