Here is what clients are saying about us:


, author of

“My tour resulted in a dozen or so reviews, two guest posts, several interviews and a number of showcases as well as a number of hits on my website, Facebook, etc. A terrific response. A great group to work with. I’m signing up with them for my next novel as is my wife for her next book.”

David Gardner, author of The Journalist: A Paranormal Thriller

“PARTNERS IN CRIME virtual book tours crafted a stellar audiobook tour for my award-winning psychological suspense novel, THE NINTH SESSION. I’ve worked with other book tour companies, but Cheryl, Gina and Wendy made this tour a singular stand-out. The daily contact, follow up, host selection, statistic collections, media and pr outreach exceeded my expectations. I will be back when my next crime book arrives!”

Deborah Serani, author of The Ninth Session Audiobook Tour

“The Partners in Crime Tour for my book The Redemption was an incredible experience – a blitz of interviews, guest blog spots, and reviews I never would have had otherwise. I had much more exposure than I would have had otherwise as well – which means substantially more followers on social media – an excellent measure of success! The Partners in Crime Staff were attentive, enthusiastic, and always there to answer any question – great partners indeed! I highly recommend this tour!!”

Cynthia Tolbert, author of THE REDEMPTION

“I thought it was fantastic. A wide variety of blogs and reviewers helped get my new book exposed to wider audience. From the very beginning to the end, the communication and assistance from Cheryl, Wendy, and Gina was clear and very helpful. I looked at several other virtual tour companies and glad I settled on PIC. Highly recommend them!”

Rush Leaming, author of Dead Tree Tales

I can’t say enough good things about my virtual tour with PICT. Gina and Cheryl were reliable, responsive and just a pleasure to deal with through every step of the way. They responded to questions quickly, provided notice of blog posts and reviews as they appeared, and really did act as “partners” in the roll out of my debut novel, The Turncoat’s Widow.

Mally Becker, author of The Turncoat’s Widow

I just finished working with Cheryl on a Partners in Crime tour for my book AFTERMATH, and I was thrilled with the results and with the professionalism of the team. Cheryl told me each day where the stops were so I could respond, which was so much easier than trying to keep up with it on my own. This was a ton of work for them, and they did a great job. I hope to work with them again.

Terri Blackstock, author of Aftermath

Partners in Crime host a great virtual tour! I ended up with more stops than promised and met some great reviewers/bloggers/readers along the way. Thanks, Cheryl and Gina! Will be back.

Sharon Linnea, author of Death in Tranquility

Cheryl and Gina were perfectly professional from the very first email. The blog tour for my debut novel, Hide in Place, went without a hitch and garnered me exposure I couldn’t have possibly gotten on my own. I have reviews I wouldn’t have had otherwise and more people became aware of the novel than if I had been poking around social media on my own. I’ve gained followers and newsletter subscribers. I highly recommend Partners in Crime if you’re considering a blog tour.

Emilya Naymark, author of Hide In Place

Launching a new book, can be a daunting task, but I’m thankful for the Partners in Crime team and for book bloggers and reviewers they work with who helped me to get the word out about my newest book, and made sure that my launch was a success!

Alissa Grosso, author of Up the Creek

The PICT teams offers an excellent, worthwhile, full-service experience: from tour organization, to artwork, to podcast booking, to reminders and efficiency, to giveaways, every bit of my experience with them was easy and streamlined. I will use them again! One can see measurable results from tours, too: reviews (of course), social-media engagement, newsletter subscribers, exposure of various sorts. . . . For authors and editors looking to get thrillers out there, I recommend PICT!

Sage Webb, author of The Venturi Effect

I’ve signed on with Partners in Crime for several years for every book debut and have never been disappointed. Cheryl and Gina and their team are amazing. They provide dependable support every day at every stop, and they are with their authors all the way. Partners in Crime offers terrific tours!

Connie di Marco, author of The Zodiac Mystery series, including The Madness of Mercury

This was my first time using Partners in Crime and they far exceeded my expectations. Excellent, ongoing communication at all times. Cheryl, Gina & Wendy are the ultimate professionals. Terrific attention to detail; they know what they’re doing. I will definitely tour with them again.

Lida Sideris, author of A Southern California Mystery series, including Slightly Murderous

I have just completed my first tour with Partners in Crime. They were wonderful! Professional, prompt and always available. The month-long tour was very successful and offered my first book, Winter Witness, a great deal of exposure. I highly recommend them. I will be booking another tour with them for the sequel next year!

Tina deBellegarde, author of Winter Witness

I was really impressed with Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours. I’ve had many different book tour set up over the years of my writing career, and this has been the best one – by far. The level of organization and communication were unmatched! Thank you so much for everything!

Siri Mitchell, author of Everywhere to Hide

I was super impressed with Cheryl and with PICT. Cheryl was thorough, professional and communicative throughout the process and I will, without a doubt, use her again for my upcoming book releases!

D.M. Barr, author of Saving Grace: A Psychological Thriller

Fabulous blog tour! Terrific hosts, great reviews, and I was impressed by the variety of social media platforms where posts and promotion appeared. Everyone at PIC did a wonderful job of keeping me updated and supporting the tour every step of the way. I’ll definitely be back with my next book!

Elena Taylor, author of All We Buried

This tour was so much fun and effortless on my part from start to finish. The team is so very organized and goes above and beyond . I honestly got far more than I paid for. Everything about Partners in Crime and top notch and I’ll be using them for all my future books!

Shanessa Gluhm, author of Enemies of Doves

This is the second time I toured with Partners in Crime. Cheryl and Regina are excellent at working with authors and hosts. PICT is one of the best tours I’ve been on. The stops are high quality and Cheryl and Regina are diligent about posting on social media. I highly recommend PICT and will use them a third time with my next release.

Chris Karlsen, author of A Venomous Love

I’ve toured with Partners in Crime five times now, the most recent tour for Dangerous Ground just finished. Cheryl and Gina are both professional and friendly, which makes them lovely to work with. As always, I picked up additional Bookbub, Goodreads, Facebook, Instagram followers and some great reviews. I’m not great at promoting my books, but Partners In Crime tours makes it easy–and successful. I highly recommend it.

Susan Hunter, author of Dangerous Ground

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Cheryl, Gina, and Wendy and the awesome Partners in Crime Tour! They went the extra mile, above and beyond, to get as much exposure and participation for my book as possible. I saw an increase in traffic to my website and social media accounts. My newsletter subscribers jumped! They are wonderful to work with, dedicated and completely professional. I appreciate them so much!

Jill Amy Rosenblatt, author of The Fixer: The Last Romanov

I recently wrapped up a month-long blog tour hosted by Partners in Crime. I was extremely pleased with how Cheryl and Gina coordinated content for numerous bloggers. Their success in engaging readers helped to grow my audience and bring attention to my new release, Fatal Strike. I already plan to request they ‘partner’ with me again for my next book launch.

DiAnn Mills, author of Fatal Strike

Partners in Crime Tours are excellent! They explain themselves exceptionally well at the start, deliver everything as promised, and are especially pleasant and personable people with whom to work. Could not ask for more.

Linda Ferreri, author of A Cloud of Fraud

The tour for my latest release, Dangerous Flaws, was the fourth time I’ve worked with Partners in Crime, so that in itself is a kind of endorsement. Cheryl and Gina are always on top of things, have great follow-through, and produce great results. I picked up lots of BookBub, Goodreads and Facebook followers, got some nice reviews, and in short had an excellent experience. I’ll definitely turn to Partners in Crime for my next book, not only because of the good results, but also because Cheryl and Gina are fun to work with.

Susan Hunter, author of Dangerous Flaws

In the past, I had a couple of bad experiences with book tour companies, and so I didn’t think they were my thing at all. The Partners in Crime team completely changed my perception and made me a convert! These ladies are professional, courteous, and great to work with. The tour gave my sales a boost and connected me with new readers. All around fantastic experience!

Darcia Helle, author of Into the Light

Partners in Crime did a wonderful job of getting my book out there to a bunch of new social media followers, boosting reviews, and giving me a platform to expose myself to a new group of readers that otherwise would not have know about my book. Gina and Cheryl were very responsive and diligent about keeping on me and reminding me on the day of a post, interview, or new review so that I could respond and thank the blogger for their support and comment on the review or post. Thanks again for a great tour.

Gene Desrochers, author of Dark Paradise

Cheryl and Gina were amazing helpful throughout the tour — which was my first, and a completely new experience. Of all the promotional activities I engaged in to promote my debut thriller — impression buys, social media, etc — the Partners in Crime blog tour provided the clearest benefit. Can’t wait for the next one!

Jeff Bond, author of The Winner Maker

My first – and definitely not last – book tour with Partners in Crime was everything I expected and many things that exceeded my expectations. The support they gave went beyond the promised reviews and interviews, to include an increased following on social media and my website (which they helpfully summarized at the end) and social media support even beyond the end of the tour. I couldn’t have asked for better partners!

Charles Kowalski, author of The Devil’s Son

I had heard great things about Partners in Crime, but was still blown away by how good they were to work with. Professional, well-organized and generally nice. Cheryl stayed on top of the bloggers and me, which I appreciated. I am going to book them for the next mystery in the Vampire Knitting Club series.

Nancy Warren, author of The Vampire Knitting Club


Cheryl and Gina were great to work with – very attentive, communicative and professional. The tour resulted in several positive book reviews and many new followers on Goodreads. It was a positive and streamlined experience from start to finish.

Graham Reed, author of The Chairman’s Toys


Cheryl and company were easy to work with. They saturated the book blog universe and social media, particularly Twitter. For authors looking to build a following, this is the way to go.

Nikki Stern, author of The Former Assassin


This is my third tour with Partners in Crime, for Tail of the Dragon, the third book in the Zodiac Mysteries. Partners in Crime is always helpful, organized and follows through on every stop. I highly recommend a tour with Partners in Crime.

Connie di Marco, author of Tail of the Dragon


For the second time, you delivered a great tour, garnering me and my book a lot of attention. I appreciated being featured on so many appropriate blogs. Well done–you’re the best bargain in the business!

R.J. Koreto, author of The Body in the Ballroom


My experiences promoting my book Yesterday’s News on Partners in Crime far exceeded my expectations – and I recommend them highly to any author. They were incredibly organized, supportive and pro-active for the whole month of the tour – and the results I got were spectacular. I’ve already talked to Cheryl about booking me for a tour when my next book comes out!

R.G. Belsky, author of Yesterday’s News


This was my first blog tour, and I had a great experience working with Cheryl and Gina. Communication was excellent, hand-holding was available as needed, and my goals of increased exposure and additional reviews were met. I’m very happy with the results … so happy, in fact that I start another tour with them in a couple of weeks!

Susan Hunter, author of Dangerous Mistakes


This was my first Book Blast with Partners in Crime and I couldn’t be happier. Cheryl, Gina and Wendy were terrific to work with. Great communication, which is important to me. My book, White Heat, got posted on more sites than I thought it would and got plenty of attention on various social media. I have no negatives to report about the experience and if you knew me you’d know that’s saying a lot. I have another book coming out in a few months and I am definitely planning to work with Partners in Crime again!

Paul D. Marks, author of White Heat


The tour got me far more attention than I expected by arranging for promotions on blogs that specialized in my kind of book. I was especially impressed with the constant updates from PIC staff. They will definitely be part of my next book release.

R.J. Koreto, author of Alice and the Assassin


This is my fifth tour with Partners in Crime. That about says it all. It’s the first call I make when my publisher locks in a release date because they never disappoint. Cheryl Masciarelli and Regina Hott are consummate professionals who love books, writers, and attract top of the line bloggers. The team is a pleasure to do business with, and take the stress out of showcasing my books to the world.

John Lansing, author of The Fourth Gunman


Partners in Crime was a welcome teammate introducing my debut novel, Dead Air. The organized an aggressive schedule of tour stops. Each tour stop was completed in a timely manner. In addition, the blog posts were creatively presented giving a professional appearance. Cheryl kept me informed of every step of the tour. I will make Partners in Crime my first for every future mystery.

Cliff Protzman, author of Dead Air


This is my third novel that I have worked with Cheryl, Gina and team. They always do a spectacular job in promoting my books. They carefully select reviewers. They are in constant contact throughout the tour, letting me know when there is a new post by a reviewer. If there is a problem, I know immediately. They do all they say they are going to do and more. When my next novel is finished, they will be the first I contact.

Larry D. Thompson, author of White Witch


I signed on with Partners in Crime to promote my latest mystery, A Well-Timed Murder, and everyone there was professional and the entire experience is satisfying and thoughtful. They do a great job keeping everyone on track to do their part.

Tracee de Hahn, author of A Well-Timed Murder


Cheryl, I want to take a moment to thank you and your team for your incredible organization, diligence and dedication! This tour was an amazing introduction into the world of bloggers for me and your communication through it all was fantastic!

E.J.Moran, author of Shadow Crimes

It has been wonderful touring with Partners in Crime. Cheryl and Gina were friendly, experienced and professional. I will definitely be using Partners in Crime in the future, as I had fantastic results from my Book Blast. I couldn’t have asked for a better release for my first novel – I highly recommend!

Jo Crow, author of A Mother’s Lie

I’ve done numerous tours over the years, Partners in Crime is one of the best. Gina worked with my assistant to create a wonderful banner/teaser. Cheryl kept me informed of the activity at every step. She was diligent about bloggers posting in a timely manner and the PICT bloggers were quality. That last is important. I will definitely work with Cheryl, Gina, and Partners in Crime when I release my next historic suspense.

Chris Karlsen, author of Snifter of Death

After 25 years and 90 published novels, I’ve run the gamut of book tours–in person and virtual. Cheryl and Partners in Crime are top-notch, keeping my chaotic author life organized and on-task with daily updates and reminders. I’m grateful and relieved that HarperCollins connected us and would highly recommend their services!

Wendy Corsi Staub, author of Bone White

Wonderful tour! Cheryl, it was great to meet you and Gina. What a pleasure to work with you both and your team. The tour ran like clockwork, well organized, and so professionally done. It was so much fun too!! Thank you so much and I can’t wait to work with Partners in Crime again when book 3, The Fixer: The Last Romanov comes out.

Jill Amy Rosenblatt, author of The Fixer: The Killing Kind

I am so delighted to be an author placed with Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours. The experience was quite new to me and I was guided with kindness and understanding by Cheryl throughout. It gives me great pleasure to know we will continue to tour together in subsequent books and I would heartily recommend this organisation to any author or publisher.

Alex Gray, author of Pitch Black

Partners In Crime is awesome. I was so pleased with how everything was handled. You were timely, always on top of everything and the follow-up was terrific. I really appreciated the pre-tour email with tour information, instructions, and helpful tips. That was really great for me. You are extremely easy to work with! I look forward to working with you and your group again when Book 3 comes out next year.


Jill Amy Rosenblatt, author of The Fixer: The Naked Man

I’m very impressed with this team’s professionalism and savvy! They did a fantastic job with the tour and giveaway for Cat in the Flock.

Lisa Brunette, author of Cat in the Flock

Wow! Partners in Crime is by far the best blog tour I’ve experienced. Cheryl, Gina and Wendy are wonderful to work with. By the end of the tour, I felt like I’d not only gained readers but made new friends. The owners are professional and keep on top of all the details to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Their strong connections with bloggers, magazines, and radio take the tour to a level above the ordinary. Importantly, the tour is targeted to suspense lovers so it reaches the right audience. Reviewers are professional with a positive attitude and great about posting their reviews. I highly recommend this tour.

~ Carey Baldwin, author of Stolen

Wow! This was a wonderful trip around the blog stops of US readers, my first experience of this. Lovely to hear some nice reviews and the enthusiasm of all at Virtual Tours especially Cheryl really made this a positive few weeks. I am more accustomed to travelling around the UK to bookstores and festivals etc so it was great staying home, writing the next book and having time for a virtual tour. ~ Alex Gray✍🏻

~ Alex Gray, author of The Riverman

I am a repeat offender when it comes to doing blog tours with Partners in Crime and I plan on returning soon, with my new novel for 2017, No Fury Like That.

Gina and Cheryl are fantastic to work with – they are prompt with their responses, patient with a constantly befuddle author, kind, supportive and über-organized.

The tour was an amazing success from start to finish and it was superb with regard to promoting The Nearly Girl.

Gina and Cheryl are pros in every way and I very much look forward to working with them again!

~ Lisa de Nikolits, author of The Nearly Girl

What a great experience I had with Partners in Crime while promoting my mystery novel, “A Life for a Life.” The number of posts and reviews I received was so impressive. I got the sense, too, that these bloggers have come to respect and trust Cheryl and Gina. That is so helpful to authors, because the bloggers did what they promised and seemed to enjoy working with Partners in Crime.

Correspondence was excellent too. Notifications of showcases and reviews, positive comments left about my book at the end of each blog, and plenty of social media to boost attention. I always felt welcome to write them with any questions, and I heard back promptly and courteously.

Can’t wait to work together again when I finish my sequel. Thanks again!

~ Lynda McDaniel, author of A Life for a Life

Cheryl and Gina run a classy operation. Their communication, both with me and with the tour hosts, was prompt and professional, and they got me a terrific lineup of posts. I was extremely pleased with my tour and won’t hesitate to return to them for my next book!

~ Joanne Lessner, author of Offed Stage Left

Cheryl and Gina arranged a tour to start at the same time as a new release. They were on top of all the details and emailed me updates and links to blog/review posts, of which there were 21. The entire tour expanded my readership reach and the social media amplified the word. I received many positive reviews and I know I found new readers and followers. Many thanks to Cheryl and Gina for all their work and professionalism! Highly recommended!

~ Bill Larkin, author of Bullet in the Blue Sky

The name says it all. Partners In Crime. Cheryl and Gina are consummate professionals. Creative, detail-oriented, and passionate about their work. And they get my books to my target audience. All I have to do is write my blogs, and respond to my interviews, and the team does the rest. This is my fourth tour with PIC and the company is now an invaluable piece of my release strategy.

~ John Lansing, author of Dead Is Dead

Partners in Crime organized my first Virtual Book Tour. I was impressed with the entire process! I received timely communications and helpful advice before and during the tour, and the tour stops gave me the opportunity to interact with and learn from readers interested in my genre (suspense). I feel uplifted as an author for having participated in a Partners in Crime tour.

~ Steven Gossington, author of Fractured Eden

The Partners in Crime team handled my tour efficiently and professionally. This is my second tour with the group and they keep getting better. The blog posts, showcases, and interviews helped introduce my work to a broader audience, and sales during the tour were great! The team’s smart use of social media effectively amplified key posts. It’s been a great tour and I will definitely use this group again! I highly recommend working with Gina and the Partners in Crime team.

~ Chris Patchell, Amazon Bestselling author of In the Dark and Deadly Lies

I would like to thank Gina and Lance for their efforts. It was my first tour and I was impressed by their level of professionalism and attention to detail. Thanks to the bloggers for the creative posts and insightful reviews. I particularly enjoyed the interviews with Books Chatter and Suspense Magazine. I look forward to working with PICT in the future and recommend the service to all those authors looking for a pleasant and productive experience.

~ Michael E. Burge, author of Bryant’s Gap

My book blast was my first PR event. I didn’t know what really to expect, or if it would do any good for my mystery novel. Gina and Cheryl handled everything, gave me instructions, and told me what to expect. The books giveaway winners’ addresses were emailed to me, so I didn’t even have to worry about that! It was a rewarding, fun experience, and I recommend it to any author.

~ Jo A Hiestand, author of Cold Revenge

I found Regina Hott and the Partners in Crime Tours to be very thorough and professional, especially for an author like me who hasn’t done this before. At the outset Gina took the time to explain the process, our objectives, and what would be done. Then they went ahead and did it. And not only did they tour my novel The Last Witness, but they also promoted my latest work Qumran which came out just prior to the tour.

~ Jerry Amernic, author of The Last Witness

If readers didn’t know me before, I truly think they know me now! I received a tremendous response and new followers from this tour.

~ Rebecca Jean Downey, author of Devil Eye

Thank you so much for a wonderful PICT experience. I can’t tell you how blessed your team made me feel. This was an amazing “first” experience!

~ Catherine A. Winn, author of Beyond Suspicion

The tour for OLD EARTH was professional, on-time, and generated a lot of fantastic exposure for our author, which is everything we expect from a blog tour. Excellent experience.

~ Chris Mahon, Marketing Associate at Diversion Books

I had a really great experience with Partners in Crime. Their team is professional and responsive and pulled together a very solid tour for my book. Lots of social media buzz! I would recommend them and would use them again in the future.

~ Clare Price, author of Web of Betrayal

{The team} did everything I expected and more. For each of my next novels, I plan to engage Partners in Crime for promotion.
As for Partners in Crime’s weak points – you have none.
The strong points begin with accessibility. Every time I emailed with a question, I received a prompt, thorough, and understandable response.
The host blog sites were germane to the genre I write, a fact I cannot say about a blog tour I used for a prior novel.
Partners in Crime was absolutely easy to work with and communicate with.
I don’t know what else can be said – when everything works exactly like you said it would, what can I say except thank you very much for an excellent tour.

~ Alan Brenham, author of Cornered

I enjoyed your tour a lot. I found Lance was omnipresent, sending me notes early when a blogger had something up about my book, be it a review, an interview, or one of my guest posts. He was on top of things every step of the way.

I loved the first tour I had with you, which is why I did this second one. If I write another crime book, I’ll be back to you. My next book takes place in Iraq in 2006, so while the whole war may be a crime, it’s not the same genre.

Everything about your service is top notch.

~ Christopher Meeks, author of Blood Drama & A Death in Vegas

“I recently completed a blog tour with Partners In Crime and it was fantastic!

Partners in Crime organized a comprehensive tour filled with guest posts, reviews, book spotlights, interviews, contests and giveaways, thereby ensuring that the tour was an excellent showcase of social media marketing and promotion. There was also a radio interview which I was unfortunately unable to take advantage of but it was offered.

The bloggers were great, the posts were polished and professional and the interaction between the blog postings, twitter, Goodreads and in some cases, amazon, was great.

I was kept in the loop as soon as the posts were up which was also great.

I felt that Partners in Crime really ‘got’ my book, The Witchdoctor’s Bones, and they were a huge help in leveraging interest in the book and in helping me with my promotional efforts.

I very much look forward to working with them again!”

~ Lisa de Nikolits, author of The Witchdoctor’s Bones.

“I wrote to Cheryl and inquired about a blog tour. From that first email on, through 27 blog stops, I have never been disappointed. We started the tour in September, and finished on November 30th. That’s two and a half months of dealing with someone every week, often every day. That leaves a lot of room for error or messing up. Not with Cheryl. I feel certain that if the word “meticulous” were to be described with a picture, it would be of Cheryl.”
Read more of his thoughts: Here

~ Giacomo Giammatteo, author of MURDER TAKES TIME & A BULLET FOR CARLOS.

“I had so much fun working with Molly’s team at Partners in Crime Tours. It was great to have Molly in my corner. She did all the legwork, from scheduling to following up on host blogs. All I had to do was complete the interviews and guest posts. It was a delight working with her!” 

~ Natasha Deen, author of True Grime.

“Partners in Crime did such a great job on the tour for my novel Scream Catcher, I could hardly keep up. For one full month I woke up to a new review, guest blog post, interview or sometimes all three! Not a day was wasted. In fact, on some days, two new reviews came out. The tour not only spread the word about my new publication, it resulted in increased sales. I’d recommend them to anyone. Great job!” 

~ Vincent Zandri, Bestselling author of The Innocent and Scream Catcher

“Partners in Crime is professional, diligent, and passionate about what they do. You really couldn’t ask for more from a blog tour organizer. They’re a true pleasure to work with.”

~ Lou Aronica, Publisher, The Story Plant

“Cheryl, It’s been a true pleasure to work with you during my book promos. I cannot tell you how impressed I have been with your dedication and TRUE professionalism. That is becoming rare in this business and you stand out among the others. What I also appreciated about your approach is that when a request was made by either myself or my publisher, you took care of it immediately. Again, that was a joy to experience. I look forward to working with you in the future.” 

~ Laurel Dewey, author of the Jane Perry series

“When I began to look for ways to have my first novel Missing in Mexico reviewed to receive critical feedback on it, a successful author suggested that I look into a virtual book tour. I researched several virtual book tours and found that most of them were a general “We take any type of book” tour. I’m sure they’re all good, and they seem to do well, but I wanted a tour that was geared more toward MY book – a mystery novel. So I contacted Molly Edwards at Partners in Crime Tours because her tour was genre-specific, exactly what I wanted. It was a great match, and it worked well.

As a result of my two months of being on tour with Molly, my book received exposure in lots of venues and to many new readers that I would never have been able to reach on my own. I also received some very important feedback that I’ve incorporated into my next mystery novel – that feedback alone was worth the price of the tour. Along the way, I’ve also made some new friends, people who are willing to share information and advice because they’ve read many books and they know what works. There are never any guarantees as to what can happen to your book, but my debt novel Missing in Mexico has been a #1 TOP RATED Kindle book for six straight weeks (and counting!)

I am extremely pleased to have worked with Molly and the entire cadre of readers, reviewers, and bloggers at Partners in Crime Tour. Their personal and beyond-expectation service is truly amazing. Thank you, Molly, for caring about mystery writers, and for creating a book tour that is specifically for them. I hope you will hold a spot open for me when I’m ready to go on tour with my next novel.”

~ Stuart Gustafson Author, Missing in Mexico , www.stuartgustafson.com

Cheryl, Well done, the tour was a big success. When you write a book you want feedback, preferably positive. I like the fact that not all of of the tour hosts were into the crime/thriller genre, but gave their honest point of view and I must say the results were gratifying. The reviews after a while become addicting. I’d wake up looking for your e-mail, anticipating the next one. I’d recommend the Partners in Crime Tour for anyone who is writing books. All the best, Peter

Peter Leonard, Author, Voices of the Dead

Cheryl Masciarelli runs the tightest ship in the business when it comes to virtual blog tours. Her communication is flawless and everything runs like clockwork. I’ve been on a few tours with other companies, but Cheryl and Partner’s In Crime will always be the first people I call when I’m ready to go on tour again.

~ Bill Walker Author of TITANIC 2012 and A Note from an Old Acquaintance

I have booked a ‘Partners-In-Crime’ Tour for one of my novels and have been pleasantly surprised at the dedication the organizer, Cheryl Masciarelli, has shown toward making this tour a success. Never having done a tour before and being a bit helpless with social networking, she has guided me through the process, has always been available for my many questions and has coordinated the different tour stops with endless patience. What impressed me most, however, was her enormous enthusiasm. She showed amazing respect for the author as well as all the reviewers. I thank her with all my heart for her wonderful work and of course highly recommend her services.

~ Helga Zeiner, author, Section 132

Cheryl, the Partners in Crime Tour was excellent, very professionally run, with some truly interested and knowledgeable reviewers. I highly recommend your tour. Keep up the good work and thank you very much.

~ John Worsley Simpson, author of Missing Rebecca

Cheryl, thank you for all of your help. You are a true professional and a joy to work with. 

~ Mark Gilleo, author of Love Thy Neighbor and Sweat

Hi Cheryl, Kudos to both you and Gina for your excellent work. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Yours is the third blog tour company we’ve worked with, and our experience with you was 100% positive, unsurpassed. You will definitely be hearing from us again.

~ Catherine Treadgold, Publisher, Coffeetown Press, Curveball by Jen Estes

Cheryl, I had a lot of fun on my blog tour and in addition to reaching out to new readers, I also discovered some great book websites. I really appreciate the daily emails and felt you went above and beyond to make the tour easy and enjoyable. I was very impressed with how quickly you handled the few issues that came up. I look forward to working with you in the future!

~ Jen Estes, author of Curveball

I think you do an outstanding job. You keep your bloggers on task with reminders of due dates, you promptly notify your clients when a blog is posted, and you correspond with clients in a caring way. My experience with your tour has been very positive all around. I now have many good reviews to use in promoting Sasha Plotkin’s Deceit, which would not be the case had I not used your good services.

~ Vaughn Sherman, author of Sasha Plotkin’s Deceit

“Gina was a pro from start to finish, keeping us all in the loop with grace and humor. The tour schedule and all the details were arranged well in advance. Never for a moment did any of us feel that our book was just one of many. We were also given valuable guidance as to tour etiquette. I have nothing but praise for Partners in Crime and Gina in particular.”

~ Catherine Treadgold, Publisher, Coffeetown Press, Death In The Memorial Garden by Kathie Deviny

“I’d say that was the best of the tours I’ve been on. Congratulations and thanks. I liked that Gina always answered my questions promptly and kept me informed about our bloggers. That’s important. I would highly recommend your tour to authors of our genre without hesitation. It’s a beauty. Nice artwork, too.”

~ A. F. Ebbers, Author, Dangerous Past

“Your services which I found to be nothing short of terrific. Your diligence, organization, and thoroughness impressed me no end, and I am already looking forward to working with you again for STRONG RAIN FALLING The value you offer for the money is incredible and I’m sure we’ll be working together many times and on many books into the future”. ~ Jon Land, Author, Pandora’s Temple

“If I was to simplify my feelings regarding PICT, I would say it was a flawless process with personal attention to the most minute detail. The author is always kept in the loop and honest advice is always an email away. Both Cheryl and Gina are professionals at what they do. I will hire then again for my sequel. Anyone looking for the best book tour company, look no further than PICT, they are the best!” ~ Marc A. DiGiacomo, Author of In A Small Town

“I thought your communication was strong and very helpful in knowing what was going, whether something was being posted or if there was a delay for some reason and why. You were super easy to work with and very professional. I will recommend your services to other and look forward to working with you again!”~ Jack Patterson, Author of Cross the Line

“I was delighted with the tour for THE TROUBLE WITH CHARLIE. Partners In Crime was thorough and organized, communicating exactly what to expect, when and where. The tour enabled me to reach and connect with readers I never would have found on my own. And it was easy! The list of interviews and blogs came far in advance, giving me plenty of time to respond. Beyond that, once I’d provided the initial information (excerpt, cover, bio,etc) my work was done. Posts went up almost daily without my effort. I could promote each post and stop to comment on the site. But other than that, I was freed up to work on other things, knowing that my tour was proceeding and being well-managed by pros. Every detail was covered. The response was great. I would definitely recommend Partners in Crime, and was so impressed with the quality of their work and the character of their staff that I plan to tour with them again.” ~ Merry Jones, Author of The Trouble With Charlie


Dear Cheryl and Gina,
I want to thank Partners in Crime Tour for a fantastic experience. I wasn’t even aware of what a virtual blog tour was until my first novel, “The Devil’s Necktie,” was given an e-book only release from my publisher, and I realized that book signings weren’t in the cards.
Frustrated, I did a Google search, found Partners in Crime, and decided to take a flyer. I landed in good hands. I found like-minded professionals who got my book to the correct target audience.
Cheryl Masciarelli and Regina Hott are experts in their field. Once we set up the parameters of the tour, they kept me informed every step of the way. I received notification the morning of the blog stop, when reviews were posted, where they were posted, and then Partners in Crime copied the reviews to social media. It was one less aspect of my life that I had to stress about, and it freed me up to continue writing the
next book in my series.

Partners in Crime has top of the line graphics, impeccable communication, thoughtful bloggers, and great follow through. I look forward to working with Cheryl and Regina again. This time it will be before the release date of my next novel in the Bertolino series. I know it will be a successful launch. ~ John Lansing, Author of The Devil’s Necktie

Hooking up with Partners in Crime was an exciting and rewarding experience. I would recommend Partners to any crime writer wanting to get the word out about their book. ~ Ron Chepesiuk, author of Black Caesar

I signed on with Partners in Crime to promote my latest novel, The Lone Wolf Agenda. The experience was thoroughly enjoyable, satisfying, and productive. Gina and Cheryl are masters at communications, keeping the participating author informed of daily blog activity, reminding bloggers to post their reviews on book review sites, and commenting on their bloggers reviews.
I plan to work with Partners in Crime when I release my next novel. ~
Joseph Badal
Author of the 4-book Danforth Saga, Shell Game, & The Pythagorean Solution